Month: September 2014

Open Faced Tuna Melt

Open Faced Tuna MeltServes 2 1 can (5 ounce) tuna1 tablespoon minced onion2 tablespoons light mayonnaise2 slices rye bread, toastedArugula4 strips of cooked bacon1/2 avocado, sliced2 slices cheese (your choice, I used a marbled slice of Colby-Jack) Preheat oven to

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Stop Trying To Be Happy! Just Enjoy Life!

Today we have a guest post by Scott Wilson. An author and engineer, Scott finds problems and then designs the solutions. With his blog, Designed2Succeed, he helps his readers design their most important project: their own lives. After you read

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MYST 52 Tom Leddy: Go From Overweight to Marathoner! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSTom Leddy works for a beer company (I’m not going to specify, since he didn’t in the show) as a “problem-solver.” But he had his own problem. He couldn’t bend over

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MYST 51 Trevitorial: “What Is Success?” and “How to Get Back On Track” Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSWhat is “success”?  You can’t hold it. You can’t take a picture of it. You can get an award for achieving it, but “it” is vague. Success is a state of

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Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche

Broccoli and Cheddar QuicheServes 6 One 9″ pie crust (store bought or homemade–I used store bought because I was in a hurry.)1 large head of broccoli, cut into bite-sied chunks1 whole egg3 egg whitesSpices/Herbs (I used 1 tsp Penzey’s Sunny

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MYST 50: The Top Ten Secret Steps for Success Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS Me Welcome to a milestone! This is EPISODE 50!  Wow! I am honored that you listen to my guests and me. The fact that I have been doing this since

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I Love Writing to You, But I Have a Request

I do. I really enjoy the process of putting my thoughts on paper. It helps me get organized (because often I experience rambling, stream-of-conscious thoughts, sort of ADD and …oh, look at that squirrel outside!) (Joke.) Seriously, I do enjoy

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Grilled Pork Roast with Port/Vidalia/Fig Sauce

Grilled Pork Roast with Port/Vidalia/Fig SauceServes 4 Recipe for the sauce:1 tablespoon coconut oil1 large Vidalia onion, sliced thinly, then quartered1 tablespoon flour (any type)1 cup port wine4 figs, stems removed and halved Preheat a non-stick skillet over med-high heat.

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Marsala-Poached Figs

Fresh Figs, Poached in MarsalaServe 6 1/2 cup sweet Marsala1 cinnamon stick3 black peppercorns1 tablespoon honey6 Figs, stems removed and halvedWalnut halves for garnish Combine first four ingredients in a medium saucepan.  Bring to a boil. Cook 7 minutes or

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MYST 49 Trevitorial: “It’s My Fault!” and “Why Won’t These Last 10 Pounds Won’t Leave?” Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSTony Sherman’s son said the quote that opened this Trevitorial, and it is important: “It’s my fault, because if it’s my fault, I own it and it gives me the power to

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