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MYST 137 I Can’t Help You

Have you ever thought this? Photo via Pixabay, by Kaz. Everyone needs help, and the first step in finding it is asking for it. I want to help everyone, but I can’t. I don’t know what your problems are. I

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MYST 85 Trevitorial: Success Without Total Effort?

Photo by Vincezo Di Giorgi via StockSnap “Don’t put in half the effort, unless you are okay with half the results!” What an excellent motto. I’m happy to say that I wrote it….well, I wrote it after reading it in

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MYST 84 Trevitorial: Diet or Exercise?

or   or    Which is it? Diet or Exercise? When people hear that I once weighed 305 pounds (138kg) and was able to lose—and keep off—125 pounds (57Kg) I still get asked the same question: “So? What’s your secret?”  As

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MYST 77 Trevitorial: Breaking Your Comfort Zone

Hibiscus, Blue Mountain Background

I’ve never been on a mission trip of any sort. Here I am leading 10 nursing students to Hagley Gap, St. Thomas Parish, Jamaica on a service learning experience where we walked the hills–mountains–and provided cares to villagers unable to

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MYST 72 Listener Question: Weight Loss Supplements

Dan, a Varsity Squad member from Palm Beach, Florida asked a question (via the MYST Speakpipe system) about which supplements (protein, vitamins or other) should be used for weight loss. I have my answers. But please note: my answers are

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MYST 69 Trevitorial: Can You Keep a Secret?

Have your shared your goal with others? Scary, right? But there is real power in do that. Sharing opens us up to the view of others, but creates more accountability. Accountability drives us to success. Listen for a better explanation.

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