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MYST 50: The Top Ten Secret Steps for Success



Welcome to a milestone! This is EPISODE 50!  Wow! I am honored that you listen to my guests and me. The fact that I have been doing this since April 9 and still have an increasing listenership, I experience a feeling of unreality almost every day.

Thank you. Thank you for listening to me and my guests. And thank you for reading these notes. I hope you find something useful in every episode. and I hope that you visit my guests’–no, my FRIEND’S–pages and products. They work hard to help everyone else, as do I. You do the same. My fervent hope is that everyone in this circle of success–you, my guests, and me–enjoy growth and benefit from my work here.

10. Ani Alexander: Be yourself!

Ani Alexander
Ani Alexander

Ani was my guest on Episode 38. Ani is (as of today) the only podcaster based in Armenia. As such, she is the “Number One Armenian Podcast for 2014!” Her podcast, Write 2B Read is a great show, if you are interested in the art of writing, and especially if you have ever considered writing a book.

Ani’s books on Amazon:

Ani tweets @Ani_LifeProb


9. Alastair McDermott: Everyone is afraid!

Alastair McDermott and Anne-Marie, on their cycle around Ireland.
Alastair McDermott and Anne-Marie, on their cycle around Ireland.

Alastair was my guest on Episode 40. He is an engineer at heart, but he is also able to talk to people, to help people see their options and to take action!

Earlier this year, he, his girlfriend Anne-Marie and over 2-3000 other riders hopped on their bicycles and rode around Ireland, in a “Cycle Against Suicide” ride. He rode it, without prior training. Are you this committed to an idea? Could you do this?

You can reach Alastair by email amd@websitedoctor.com His company is www.websitedoctor.com

On Twitter he is @WebsiteDoctor and on Facebook  fb/WebsiteDoc


8. Brian Dunning: Consistancy and dedication!


I LOVE listening to the Skeptoid podcast and have listened to every episode, all 432 of them. As a Registered Nurse–and a self-admitted science nerd–I love that Skeptoid produces a weekly show that investigate commonly held beliefs and then subjects them to scientific scrutiny. Even better, Skeptoid.com provides a complete transcript and a list of references of the evidence used in the show. He doesn’t just say “This is X” but rather “This is X, and here is the evidence supporting that statement, along with contradicting evidence.” And then he lists the references. It is a 100% listener-funded show. No sponsors, no affiliate links (which is something that I do here, to be honest) and no other marketing. I am a sponsor of the show, because I believe that he provides value and a good service, even if sometimes his evidence runs contrary to my beliefs. That is okay!  You can follow Brian on Twitter @BrianDunning and join his Facebook group here.


7. Brad Stillmank: Keep at it!

Reality Begins as a Dream

Brad was my guest in Episode 42. He is a homebrewer who is living the dream of most of us (yes, I brew beer, too.) He just opened the largest volume brewery in Green Bay (at this time–another brewery is building a plant that is a little larger.) If you live in Wisconsin, you can find his beer in the Green Bay/Fox River Valley area, as well as in Milwaukee locations. If anyone comes to Green Bay from out ot state and sends me an email before they arrive in Green Bay, I will take them to Stillmank Brewing Company and buy them a beer!

His Perky Porter, a coffee porter, is killer good! Follow the growth of Stillmanke Brewing Company on Twitter @wiscodiscobeer and @StillmankBeer


6. Berni Xiong: Show up and do good work!


I met Berni Xiong (pronounced SHUNG) through an interview on Meron Bareket’s Inspriring Innovation podcast. After listening to her, I knew taht I needed to talk to her for my show, and that is what happened on Episode 16, on May 26. But here is the “Twilight Zone”-ish part: Berni grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is where I live, and went to the high school where my wife Tammy was teaching. And when we interviewed, I was in Green Bay, Wisconsin and she was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, aout 100 miles away. Very small world. But the truly crazy thing is that what brought us together–two people who at one point lived less than 4 miles from each other, and now only 100 miles separated, were brought together by a mutual friend who lives over 6000 miles away.

Berni hosts a great entrepreneurial show called the Shut Up Show. Do you want to make that first scary step to personal success….but are hesitating? Berni will help you make that first, biggest step, and then she will keep you moving. Her book, Year of the Brave Bear, is a powerful and honest look into her history and soul. If you think you had it rough growing up–and you probably did–read Berni’s story to find your inner “brave bear”!

You can follow Berni on Twitter @BerniXiong


5. John Lee Dumas:  Persevere!

John is always on fire!
John is always on fire!

John Lee Dumas joined me on MYST for Episode 36 I have to admit, interviewing the creator and host of Entrepreneur on Fire, the iTunes Podcast of the Year 2013, could have been very intimidating. Instead, it was like talking to an old friend. I listen to his show all the time, and talking to him was easy! If you are in business, want to be in business, or simply want to be successful at anything you try, you need this podcast.

John also teaches how to create a podcast (as does Meron, below.) I haven’t joined John’s Podcaster’s Paradise, but I know that it is a quality program.

John is on Twitter @johnleedumas


4. Julie Sheranosher: Do one thing at a time!

Julie Sheranosher
Julie Sheranosher

Julie and her boyfriend Meron Bareket, live in Lake Galilee, Israel. I interviewed her for Episode 14, which was published on May 19, well before the fighting began between Hamas and Israel.  Julie has not one, but TWO podcasts. Both are incredible and if you ever have thought “I wish I had just a few more minutes each day”, then you NEED both of these podcasts!, The Time Hackers and Time Hackers, HERO Edition!

Julie tweets @ImJulieTweets


4. Kelly Bucheger: Honest self-appraisal and appropriate corrective actions

Kelly, practicing his art.
Kelly, practicing his art.

I have know Kelly, his sister Sharyn, and his parents since the later 1970’s. When Kelly and I connected for this interview, we talked for more than 90 minutes. He is a foodie like me, and I enjoy mildly tormenting–well, he might consider the torment to be pushing the bounaries of the Geneva Conventions–him with pictures of the food I make, which I post on my food blog. His show was Episode 28, on July 7.

You can listen to more of Kelly’s music on his CD, House of Relics. He has a blog, Harder Bop and you can see him perform in the Buffalo, New York area.


2. Whitney Klinkner: Be kind, whenever possible.

Whitney Klinkner
Whitney Klinkner

I am a Forum Moderator for LoseIt since early 2013, and have worked with Whitney through email since then. The interview was our first “meeting” and she was everything that I expected. Her interview was on Episode 12. If you are like me and need to lose weight, and have decided that NOW is the time you will finally succeed, here is LoseIt! It is the most important tool I found to be successful in my weight loss journey.

Whitney is on Twitter @whitklink


1. Meron Bareket: FOCUS!

Profile Photo _ high res

Meron was my first interview, and it aired on Episode 3. Think about it. I have listened to his show for a long time, and learned from him–his ability to connect with his guest and his listeners, his relaxed approach, his careful preparation. Can you imagine how nervous I felt????

Meron’s podcast, Inspiring Innovation is important if you own a business, want to start a business, or simply want to better understand the world on entrepreneurship. Meron interviews leading entrepreneurs in a relaxed, easy-going interview style that makes it seem as if we are eavesdropping on a converstation between two friends. You WILL learn valuable information here!

If you are thinking of starting a podcast, here is a FREE Podcast Starter Kit that will get you up and running. This is the same information that allowed me to launch this show!

You can follow Meron on Twitter @MeronBareket


Note: Some links in these show notes are affiliate links. That means if you click on the link and then purchase something offered, I will receive a small commission. This does not increase your cost, but it does help subsidize this show. My podcast is created with enthusiasm, energy and excitement, but it is also create with a monthly cost. When you buy something from an affiliate link, you will help me keep this show running. I am at 50 episodes right now. I hope that you are still listening at 100….and then at 500!

Music composed and performed by Jason Shaw, courtesy of Audionautix.com

Voiceover courtesy of Matt Young. Matt is a professional voiceover artist. If you have any need of voiceover work, for your podcast, radio spot, or whatever, you can reach Matt by a variety of methods.

He is on LinkedIn. On Twitter. And Google+. And you can read his really nice, contemplative blog.

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10 thoughts on “MYST 50: The Top Ten Secret Steps for Success

    • John, your advice is always on point and valid for anyone, and any goal. Persevere! In one word, you summarize how to succeed! Thank you, my friend! Coach T

    • Ani, I am honored that you were on my show once and happy that your thoughts and ideas continue to apply to me, and therefore to my listeners. “Stay unique! Be yourself!” You always remind me of that in the PI Family! Thanks! Coach T

    • Julie, you advice was very important! You bring real life experience to your recommendations. I am honored that you were on my show and that I can call you my friend! Coach!

    • This show was probably the most fun and most difficult. I wanted to keep it to 10, but all my guests have given great advice. Maybe I’ll do this again??? (Probably!) Coach T

  1. Thanks for including me in this list, Trevor! I’m incredibly honored & humbled to be mentioned. I hope your audience will learn the most important lesson, which is the one that YOU teach: JUST DO IT! 🙂

    Keep it up, you’re changing lives 🙂

    • Meron, we are all changing lives, whether it is one at at a time or a thousand at a time. Never quit. Pick a plan of action, and get going! Right? Thinking about making changes is nice, but unless you do something, it is wasted energy. Thanks for being part of this show, from even before the beginning. We’ve been on this journey for more than a year, and we are just getting started!

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