Welcome to MYST!

This podcast is all about the little–but so very important–tips, tricks and life hacks that will help all of us move toward our goal weight, one day at a time!

Each short, 12-14 minute show will provide another piece of the weight loss puzzle.

One comment on “Welcome to MYST!
  1. Charles says:

    Trevor I have a question that I believe you have answered before. I had the breathing test done by a dietitian at the VA clinic to find my BMR. It came out to be 1670. And the calculators generally show it should be 1870 I believe. I know from lots of reading I do that I have been very bad about eating below what I should be eating. My question is how do I really rest my BMR and how much should I really be eating and still lose weight but only slowly. And how does my walking using fitbit figure in to that.
    Thank you so much.
    And I do respect what you are doing here greatly

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