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Achieve Success on Your First Attempt!

“Character consists of what you do on your third and fourth tries.” James Michener, US author How many people reading this have tried to lose weight just one time and achieved permanent success? Has anyone ever grabbed their skateboard and

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I Love Writing to You, But I Have a Request

I do. I really enjoy the process of putting my thoughts on paper. It helps me get organized (because often I experience rambling, stream-of-conscious thoughts, sort of ADD and …oh, look at that squirrel outside!) (Joke.) Seriously, I do enjoy

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Accepting Praise for Your Successes

Brian Dunning is from the podcast, and he was the most recent guest on my podcast Make Your Someday Today.Success will bring recognition. In business, that could be in the form of a pay raise, a bonus, a promotion,

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A Success Story! Have You Heard It Yet?

This is a shameless plug for my podcast. You can easily find MakeYourSomedayToday (in iTunes) or (in Stitcher). If you like what you hear, please leave me a review on one of those sites (or both!) Ratings and reviews serve

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Who Is Your Greatest Fan?

Do you ride a motorcycle? I don’t. To be totally honest, they scare me a bit. But I like the way they look. There are many brands and models. Dirt bikes, scooters, crotch rockets, three-wheelers, and big cruising bikes. Quick!

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