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MYST 97: Wrong Tools, Wrong Results

If you need to hang a picture on a wall, you need to first place a nail in the wall. You can use a frying pan (I know that it has been done) but a hammer will give you better

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MYST 85 Trevitorial: Success Without Total Effort?

Photo by Vincezo Di Giorgi via StockSnap “Don’t put in half the effort, unless you are okay with half the results!” What an excellent motto. I’m happy to say that I wrote it….well, I wrote it after reading it in

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MYST 66 Trevitorial: The Wasted Resolution

  Resolutions are like Spam. When you first see the can (or say the resolution) it sounds great, but later, when you really get into it….it’s not as appealing.* A resolution is a statement, usually made without a lot of

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MYST 62 Trevitorial: Choose to Change

Today’s quote comes from Kara Counard, our guest from Episode 30. (Kara’s story is a powerful example of making tough choices, and finding greater success! If you haven’t listened to the episode, check it out.) Kara suggests that we need

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