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MYST 74 Trevitorial: Release Control and Succeed!

Are you a perfectionist? Do you need to control everything? Do you become upset when your plan go off-course? I will share my experiences, and lay open a side of my personality that few people see now, but one that

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MYST 70 Listener Question: I Reached My Goal. Now What?

Success is the goal, but what happens when we reach that finish line? How we do stay successful? How do we not slip back into out patterns of living? MYST Varsity Squad member Lace emailed me a question about these very

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MYST 59 Trevitorial: I’m Too Busy! (You, Too?)

Photo by Sonja Langford, via via I’m too busy! Have you ever felt that way? I have. I do! But I will give you some ideas on how to reduce the stress and get tasks eliminated from your “to do” list!

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