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MYST 103: Busting a Plateau

Weight loss is hard enough and then to make matters worse, suddenly you stop losing weight! You are doing nothing different–still eating the right amounts and continuing to exercise. But now the scale will not move! What can you do?

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MYST 89: You Need To Eat Your BMR

In the last show, I talked about what BMR meant and why it was important. In this show we get into more details of the consequences of ignoring your BMR. Weight loss is all about calories in, calories out, but

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MYST 88: What Is Your BMR?

Everyone talks about BMR. But really, what is it? And why do I need to worry about it? Just like many numbers in your life (social security number, phone number, blood pressure) your BMR is a vital measurement. In this

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MYST 78 Listener Question: I’m Stuck!

We’ve all had it happen to us. We have a goal. It might be to lose 50 pounds, write a book, or start a podcast. We are full of energy, excitement and make steady–sometimes spectacular–progress. And then suddenly, we get

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