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MYST 8: Steve Grant, Lose IT! Moderator, Yo-Yo Breaker and Poutine?

Steve Grant is a good friend that I met through Lose It! Initially he was simply and active member and enthusiastic supporter of others, but recently he became an official Lose It! moderator. He hails from Quebec City, Quebec, and

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MYST 7: Booster for April 24, 2014

We all have bad days. We all make mistakes. We all make bad choices. That is part of being human. If we hold our personal expections to the level of perfection, we are dooming ourselves to missing the mark. I’m

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MYST 6: Cathy Aster–The Intersection of Amelia Earhart and Boxing?

MYST 6: Cathy Aster Cathy Aster is a 57 year old woman, who lives the big city life. She works full time, stays active and is a weight loss success story. She used a healthy and common sense approach to

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Have You Listened Yet?

My podcast is now available on iTunes and Stitcher. Have you listened to it yet? If not, please go out to one of those sites (iTunes if you use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod) and Stitcher (if you use an Android

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MYST 5: Booster, April 17, 2014. Time to blast off!

Boosters are used in medicine to help prevent disease. They maintain a level of physical health. As a registered nurse, I am familiar with that type of booster. But what about your motivational health? In this case, the booster I

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MYST 4: Lisa Cain, Snack Girl to the rescue!

MYST 4 Lisa Cain, Snack Girl to the Rescue! Lisa Cain, Ph.D. is an evolutionary biologist by day, but at night she dons her cape of good health and the mask of nutrition to become “Snack Girl!” No, not really.

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The Podcast is Up and Running!


I rarely directly ask for help here, but I AM asking now! I need everyone’s help! I want to let everyone know that my podcast has launched successfully, with three episodes published, and the fourth to be released on Monday,

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MYST 3: Meron Bareket: Entrepreneur, Magazine Owner, Radio Broadcaster, International Educator–all before age 26?

Meron Bareket has lived a fascinating life in just 26 years. He decided high school was holding him back, so he decided to jump straight into college, bypassing getting his high school diploma. He survived a devastating car accident–not his

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MYST 2: So, how is all this going to work?

This will be a weekly podcast (or more often, we will see.) We will have weekly guests, who will share their personal experiences and success stories, as well as how they overcame challenges. This episode explains the format of the

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MYST 1: Who is Trevor LaRene and why is he talking to YOU?

For the first time, Trevor’s story. I have told bits and pieces in various blog posts, but this episode helps to connect all the dots and explain why I am starting this podcast. You may not need to hear this

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