MYST 5: Booster, April 17, 2014. Time to blast off!

Boosters are used in medicine to help prevent disease. They maintain a level of physical health. As a registered nurse, I am familiar with that type of booster.

But what about your motivational health?

In this case, the booster I am thinking of is like one of those huge Saturn V rockets that blasted out Apollo astronauts into orbit and then to the moon. I want to use these short shows as boosters for your motivitation and enthusiasm. I want to keep the fires burning inside you, so that you can reach your goals.

These boosters will be added every week. Most will pick up on a concept or theme that a previous guest talked about. The shows will be shorter than the interview shows, 12-15 minutes.

But tell me: which day of the week would a booster benefit you the most? Thursday? Friday? Leave me your idea in the comments below.

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The show notes for every episode will include links to products, people and services that were mentioned in the episode. A notice of total disclosure, as some point I may have affliations with some of the products and services that are linked here. That means that when you click on a link and purchase that product, I will receive a small commission on that sale. It will not increase your cost at all, but it will help financially support me as I continue to bring assistance to anyone who wants to achieve their goals.

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