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MYST 3: Meron Bareket: Entrepreneur, Magazine Owner, Radio Broadcaster, International Educator–all before age 26?

Meron Bareket has lived a fascinating life in just 26 years. He decided high school was holding him back, so he decided to jump straight into college, bypassing getting his high school diploma. He survived a devastating car accident–not his fault!–and started a business while rehabbing at his parent’s home.

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He worked in the IT industry for major corporations in Israel, hosted radio shows, and becoming frustrated with corporate life, he founded a magazine. He got into podcasting about a year ago and now offers a podcasting bootcamp where budding podcasters can receive the specific and detailed instructions in how to develop and launch their own podcast. And (for now) this boot camp is free!

One of Meron’s answers:

Grilled Ribeye Steaks
Grilled Ribeye Steaks

The detailed recipe: Simple Steak Dinner


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The Inspiring Innovation Podcasting Bootcamp Learn how to build an engaged audience from zero to thousands, without blogging, SEO or a big budget!

Alex Barker Interviews Meron Bareket on the Inspiring Innovation Podcast, episode 45.

Meron’s Inspiring Innovation Podcast.

F.O.C.U.S., used by John Lee Dumas on his show, Entrepreneur On Fire.

Music composed and performed by Jason Shaw. Courtesy of Audionautix.com

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