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MYST 6: Cathy Aster–The Intersection of Amelia Earhart and Boxing?

MYST 6: Cathy Aster

Cathy Aster is a 57 year old woman, who lives the big city life. She works full time, stays active and is a weight loss success story. She used a healthy and common sense approach to losing weight by making changes that she will maintain because she did not do anything out of the ordinary.

Cathy Aster

She celebrates life, and enjoys good food, but has learned moderation. She also is another Lose It! member who is a strong supporter for other members. Additionally, she wear a Fitbit device, to track her day-long activity level to help her continue strongly as she enters her maintenance phase.

Cathy at various stages of her weight loss journey.


Ribs, Smokey
Part of Cathy’s last meal.


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