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MYST 1: Who is Trevor LaRene and why is he talking to YOU?

For the first time, Trevor’s story. I have told bits and pieces in various blog posts, but this episode helps to connect all the dots and explain why I am starting this podcast.

You may not need to hear this episode, but I hope you will listen to it. I try to explain what I accomplished and the struggles I encountered.

It is a rough episode, but it is honest. It is me. My voice, my stories. I am not a polished podcaster, but I will be. I jesitated publishing these podcasts, because I wanted them to be as perfect as possible before releasing them. But perfections isn’t a realistic goal, and often, “Pursing perfections prevents progress!” So I published it, flaws and all.

And I am proud that I took that step! That first show was the hardest. The first step toward any goal will always be difficult. But you CAN do it!

The show notes for every episode will include links to products, people and services that were mentioned in the episode. For example, the iPhone/iPod/Android app that I used to lose weight and then keep it off is https://www.loseit.com/.  A notice of total disclosure, as some point I may have affliations with some of those products and services that are linked here. That means that when you click on a link and purchase that product, I will receive a small commission on that sale. It will not increase your cost at all, but it will help financially support me as I continue to bring assistance to anyone who wants to achieve their goals.


Music composed and performed by Jason Shaw. Courtesy of Audionautix.com

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    • I have 10 weeks worth of interviews already recorded, Charles, and recording more every week! I’m not stopping!

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