MYST 8: Steve Grant, Lose IT! Moderator, Yo-Yo Breaker and Poutine?

Steve Grant is a good friend that I met through Lose It! Initially he was simply and active member and enthusiastic supporter of others, but recently he became an official Lose It! moderator.

He hails from Quebec City, Quebec, and works as a software engineer. He has had a long-term struggle with his weight (and how many of us can understand that?) but he also was able to break his relationship with the “diet yo-yo.” He experienced many emotions during his journey, and I think you will connect with his experience.

Steve, early in his journey

Steve, early in his journey

Steve and his son

Steve and his son

He has a real story. If you do what he does, you will have similar results, like this:

Steve now!

Steve now!

Who doesn't love dogs?

Who doesn’t love dogs?


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One comment on “MYST 8: Steve Grant, Lose IT! Moderator, Yo-Yo Breaker and Poutine?
  1. Charles Kemp says:

    Another great one Trevor. Steve was great please keep it up.

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