Who Is Your Greatest Fan?

Do you ride a motorcycle?

I don’t. To be totally honest, they scare me a bit. But I like the way they look. There are many brands and models. Dirt bikes, scooters, crotch rockets, three-wheelers, and big cruising bikes.

Quick! Think of one brand.

It was “Harley Davidson”, right? It is the iconic motorcycle, originating in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and you will see those bikes anywhere people ride. They have a distinctive look. They have a distinctive sound. They are not inexpensive, but if you love Harley’s, you don’t care. You won’t buy anything else.

Name another company–anywhere–that has fans who not only buy logo gear and clothing (everyone does that!) but has the logo tattooed on their body?

You think there are many Golden Arches tattooed on someone’s butt? (It would be appropriate, though.) I can’t imagine many tattoo artists have put the Coke or Pepsi logo on people. And seriously, you are either a Coke person, or a Pepsi person, right? (Me? Coke, when I have one, which is rare.) But even if you are a die-hard Pepsi drinker, I doubt that you would get that inked.

But Harley-Davidson? Lots of people get that logo inked. They don’t like H-D. They don’t love H-D. They live it. I doubt that anyone who has owned a Harley Fatboy Apehanger or Softtail has ever sold their bike and bought a Honda Goldwing. I just can’t see that happening. They are the biggest and most loyal of fans, they are the greatest fans.

Where am I going with this?

Who is your greatest fan? Who would be willing to get your logo or image tattooed on their body? Spouse? Maybe. Child? Less likely, but possible. The next door neighbor? Okay, that might be creepy.

However, I hope your greatest fan is yourself. I hope that you believe in yourself, and believe that you can succeed. You are worthy of success. If you don’t believe that, and if you aren’t your greatest fan, who is?

I want to see everyone here, all my readers now and the readers yet to come, become more confident in their abilities because self-confidence will bring success and increased self-worth. You will find out that you are your greatest fan, your greatest asset. (Because we all know the converse is true. Frequently you are your own worst enemy. Self-doubt and lack of confidence will prevent successes from even being possible.)

So, don your leathers and get on your figurative Harley, and ride to success. Ride along side with me as we find our successes.

Today’s question: Do you ride a motorcycle? What do you ride right now, and why?

6 thoughts on “Who Is Your Greatest Fan?

  1. “Name another company–anywhere–that has fans who not only buy logo gear and clothing (everyone does that!) but has the logo tattooed on their body?”

    Go to a Nascar race sometimes. Those fans CREATED brand loyalty… initially just cars and oil companies, but now including companies like Viagra and Bass Pro Shops! And at the races is where all of the ones crazy enough to actually tattoo themselves with a company’s logo come to congregate…

    • You know, as soon as I published this post, I thought of another situation where rabid fans are created. The NFL. Here in Packer country, Green and Gold is everywhere, including on the skin of the residents.

    • Agreed- sports teams are so close to our hearts, we forget that they are actually brands! The Packers are different, in a sense, because they are community-owned and non-profit. But most teams are money-making powerhouses, including NCAA teams. And I, for one, would certainly ink myself with a symbol of my alma mater (if only I could decide on a design lol).

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