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MYST 145: Ice Cream!

Which will help you find lasting weight loss success faster, “real food” or “diet food”?

I have my opinion (spoiler alert: I prefer real food) but let’s look at two compare and contrast two specific foods. And then you decide for yourself which is better: real or diet?

Edy's Slow Churned Vanilla
Edy’s Slow Churned Vanilla (https://www.edys.com/products/slow-churned/classic-vanilla/slow-churned-simple-recipes)
Halo Top Vanilla
Halo Top Vanilla



Music composed and performed by Jason Shaw, courtesy of Audionautix.com

Voiceover courtesy of Matt Young. Matt is a professional voiceover artist. If you have any need of voice-over

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2 thoughts on “MYST 145: Ice Cream!

  1. Trevor I agree with you completely. My favorite ice cream is Blue Bell, and my favorite frozen yogurt is Kemp’s they my not be the best but it is what I like. I eat ice cream or the frozen yogurt maybe once a month in the summer time.
    I believe in eating real food. I also when I buy processed foods I pay attention to the ingredients, There is so much food now days that is created with artificial ingredients that are created to make people want to eat more and more of the food.
    I am a believer and old enough to look back and see what has happened to use. The food industry has in a way caused the obesity issues of the country and the world by creating foods that make us want to eat more and more. As a country the we exercise more than on purpose that we ever did before. I am not saying we are as active because we are not, I am saying we now exercise more on purpose than we did before. We also eat more junk food, I believe because we have been baited to do so. How, the processed foods, and fast foods are created to screw with out hormones and cause us to think we are hungry when we are not. I have noticed a huge change in myself since I have started to eat only real food, and by that I am saying I do not eat fast foods, I do not go out to eat very often, maybe once every couple of weeks on average.
    I also believe that all of the added salt is there to make us want to eat more. I know for myself I catch myself wanting to eat more if it is salty.
    So my believe is that our own food industry, fitness industry, diet industry and by proxy our government has caused the obesity problems of the country and now the world. The driving force is the almighty dollar. The more we eat, the more we exercise, the more we diet, the more money they make and the more money their lobbyist pay the government leaders to lie to us.

    • Charles, thanks for your comments.

      You talk about exercising on purpose. That is an excellent point. In our current day, fitness gyms (and the like) are all over. In fact, in 2016, there were over 36000 fitness centers in the US. Why? Because more and more of the jobs performed are relatively inactive or completely sedentary. I’m a nurse, and I’m on my feet all day, and yet I just barely reach the PAL that LoseIt assumes. Compare that to what an average office worker burns in a day, and you’ll understand their need for exercise (and portion control!)

      In the 1910-1920s, up to 32.5% of all Americans worked in “farm occupations” and since that number only includes adults working, the actual number is more because it ignores the children who grew up working hard. Those people never needed to exercise, and if they saw what people do now, they’d laugh. They didn’t calorie count, or wear a Fitbit. They simply worked hard, all day. (Current statistics show that in 2016 only 2% of the population work on farms or ranches.)

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