These Are Sandwiches?

These Are Sandwiches?

Today is a brief departure from the usual form of my recipes. Usually I give a specific ingredient list, detailed instructions and nutritional data. Today, I am just going to give you an idea.Where you take it will be solely up to you. The possible ingredients are infinite. I will let you create your own versions.

So many people seem to be careful about their carbohydrate consumption. Others are also trying to eliminate gluten from their diet. Sandwiches, in their traditional form, are not on option on their menu.

Well, these are also not traditional sandwiches, but they are fun, easy, healthy and fit the low-carb, gluten-free needs for those diets.

Yes. Cucumber sandwiches. The first step for each is to cut them in half the long way and seed them. Then you fill them with the ingredients of your preference.

I made three different versions, just to see how they turn out. And the results are pretty good!

On the right is the smoked turkey version. It also had a small wedge of Laughing Cow cheese, some jalapeno and tomato wedges.

In the middle is the more traditional tuna salad. I make my tuna salad with a small can of tuna, two tablespoons (28g) of light mayonnaise, and about a tablespoon of minced onion. I also used some mixed greens for the lettuce.

The left is….odd. It was a challenge from a facebook reader. This is a breakfast sandwich: peanut butter and honey with bacon.

The first two sandwiches are excellent! The peanut butter one needs some work. It’s not bad, but maybe some sliced strawberries instead of the honey and bacon would make it better. I will see if modifications improve it. (Trial and error is one of the foundations of creative cooking!)

Other options:
any type of sandwich meat, or shredded meat from a roast or chicken
smoked salmon or lox
any cheese, spreadable or shredded
refried beans
egg salad

8 thoughts on “These Are Sandwiches?

  1. One thing I am wondering is, when you bite into it, it is it hard for the innards to stay in place? Or do they behave lol. I am thinking when I eat it that the ingredients on the inside shift around.

    • Shawna, I was wondering the same thing before I made these. If you make sure the filling is finely chopped/shredded, or is easy to bite through, it bites cleanly. I would not suggest long strips of chicken or turkey, but shredded it works great! Thanks for the comment!

    • Carrie, thanks for your comments! Oh, yeah, I use cucumber slices instead of chips for hummus and dips, and have always enjoyed tuna salad spread on them. This was just a novel way of serving them! Enjoy!

  2. I made this over the weekend using tuna salad. Was very delicious and a great alternative to bread. However I preferred to eat mine as an open face sandwich. Thanks again for sharing this great idea Trevor.

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