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MYST 53 Trevitorial: How to Keep on Track in Spite of Stumbles, and “Recipe of the Week”

Tom Leddy and daughter

Running toward a goal is great–it’s fun and sometimes easy–when you are making progress. Especially when you are making “Relentless Forward Progress” to use Tom Leddy’s phrase, our most recent guest on MYST 52. But what happens when you hit a pothole in the road and stumble? What happens when you stop making progress and maybe even begin to lose ground?

When I was losing weight, I used LoseIt. (You can here more about LoseIt in several previous episodes: MYST 20 with Scott Wilson, MYST 8 with Steve Grant, MYST 26 with Jon Turnbull, MYST 6 with Cathy Aster, and MYST 12 with Whitney Klinkner.) A weight loss journey, like most goals, are not linear. That means they never travel in a straighline, with unbroken successes.

You may need to pivot toward a new goal. That doesn’t mean you don’t necessarily need to quit your goal (although that is always an option) but maybe to you need to consider focusing on an interim goal for a while. Maybe you need to pause where you are current stuck and address other life issues. It may be that you need a completely new goal.

My personal suggestion for the simplest (not necessarily easy, but definitely simple) is LoseIt Premium. Get Lose It! Premium


This week’s SpeakPipe message is from Tosha, and she wants to know my secret for crispy baked chicken. She knows that in addition to being a registered nurse, health coach and motivational speaker, I am also a chef and I have a food blog related to this podcast.

Crispy breaded chicken is easy. Simply bread it and deep fry it.

But Tosha is looking for a healthier version, which requires baking it. I tried several versions, and found that the secret ingredient is Panko Bread crumbs.

Panko Crumbs In both versions, I used a buttermilk wash and seasoned flour. I baked the chicken on a cooking rack to allow airflow around the chicken, but the pieces that were given a second coating with panko turned out demonstrably crisper and crunchier.

Panko Crusted Baked Chicken
Panko Crusted Baked Chicken

These pieces had a crisp and satisfying crunch and that contributed to the excellent flavor.

Coated with seasoned flour
Coated with seasoned flour

This was very flavorful, but lacked the crunch.

The specific details:

I seasoned the flour with onion and garlic powder, black pepper and sage. My wash was buttermilk. The flour-only version was dipped in buttermilk and rolled in flour. The panko version was rolled in flour first, then dipped in buttermilk and coated in panko.

Bake on a cooking rack in another shallow pan (I used a 10x15in jelly roll pan) at 425F/225C for 15 minutes, then 375/190C for 30-35 minutes or until the internal temp is 165F/74C.


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