Kicked-Up Grilled Cheese

Kicked-Up Grilled Cheese

This was one of my entries into the 2014 Mezzetta Make That Sandwich contest.

A good grilled cheese is a common comfort food, and to be honest, one of my favorite meals when the weather is cold and dreary. On my podcast, Make Your Someday Today, I ask my guests several food questions, and one is to discover their comfort food. It is refreshing to hear that many people have similarities, all over the world. For many people it is carb-related foods. Find out what Ilias in Greece, Steve in CanadaAlastair in Ireland, Ani in Armenia, Berni in Minneapolis and Chester in Tennessee prefers! Then listen to my 15 other guests!

Kicked Up Grilled Cheese
Serves 1

1 large slice of hearty bread (or 2 smaller slices) I used a single slice of homemade artisan bread
1 tablespoon low fat mayonnaise
2 slices Swiss cheese
1 ounce Mezzetta Gourmet Deli Roasted Bell Pepper strips & Caramelized Onions
1 ounce Mezzetta Gourmet Deli Sweet and Hot Pepper Rings

½ ounce (4 pieces) Mezzetta Cocktail Onions, chopped

  1. Preheat non-stick skillet over medium heat.
  2. Assemble sandwich (bread, 1 slice of cheese, Roasted Pepper & Onions, Sweet & Hot Pepper rings, chopped Cocktail Onions, remaining slice of cheese, final piece of bread)
  3. Spread half the mayo on the outer side of one piece of bread. Season with a touch of black pepper. Lay mayo-side on the skillet.
  4. Spread the second piece of bread with mayo.
  5. Carefully turn the sandwich when the edge starts to brown (2-3 minutes).
  6. Let the second side brown (another 2-3 minutes.)
  7. Serve.

Nutritional Data:
Calories:          315
Fat:                12.2g
Sat fat:             4.1g
Chol:             24mg
Sodium:   774.5mg
Carbs:           41.8g
Fiber:              3.8g
Protein:         12.3g