Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

You never know where the next idea and inspiration will come from, which is why I am always looking in books and magazines, and keeping an ear to the radio and TV. About a week ago, I was at the hospital, running the clinical experience for my students, and I heard a couple of local grilling gurus talk on Good Day Wisconsin, a local morning show on our Fox affiliate.

The gurus, who go by the names of Mad Dog & Merrill, were talking about thin crust whole wheat pizzas and that caught my attention. We love homemade pizzas, especially thin crust. And we always try to use a whole wheat product whenever possible. But some of the whole wheat crusts left a lot to be desired.

They were talking about a new product available locally. An “ultra-thin” crust. Hmmmm.  It might be worth looking at. I found a package (at Woodman’s Market). This is what they look like:

It is a very thin crust 12 inch crust (it’s almost a thick tortilla) but it holds up to the pizza toppings very well.  And very tasty! Don’t bake it as long as the label suggests (10-14 minutes) because after 7-8 minutes it was already too brown.

I’ve already posted the veggie pizza recipe that I made using the crust.

On a totally unrelated line of thinking, I tested by portable camp stove and find that it will boil 2 cups of water in 20 minutes. I take my practice hike on Thursday, and leave on the real hike next Thursday. I’ve got all the food purchased and now I only need to put it into ziplocks as ready-to-cook recipes. I am getting excited–and nervous–about this walk.

More on it as it gets closer.