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MYST 119: Cooking For Yourself

Photos via by RonPorter. ————————————————————— Music composed and performed by Jason Shaw, courtesy of Voiceover courtesy of Matt Young. Matt is a professional voiceover artist. If you have any need of voice-over work, for your podcast, radio spot, or whatever, you can

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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


“Yesterday’s home run don’t win today’s games!” Babe Ruth Today is a new day. You woke up. That is your first reason to celebrate! What you ate yesterday does not matter anymore. It is gone. You logged it. And in

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MYST 44: Dr. Chester Goad: Find Success Even After Initial Disappointment!

Chester is a “leadership geek” by his own description. He is an educator, college director of disability services, and former legislative aide who helped co-author Tennessee’s “Dyslexia is Real”. He  believes that when something is broken, and needs fixing, someone

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I NEED Your Help! (Updated!)


A podcast in iTunes is allowed eight weeks, just 56 days, to be potentially featured in the “New and Noteworthy (N&N)” category. I have long since passed out of that time frame. I am in my last days of being

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I Was a Guest Blogger This Week!

I occasionally guest blog for other people. It’s not too often, but it is fun to reach a new audience. This week I was asked to provide a post for LoseIt! Rather than simply copy it, I will encourage you

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Transition Time is Challenging!

Wow! I am 4 weeks from launching my first podcast. My podcast will be focused on goal achievement–revolving around my weight loss success, but expanding to any goal and success story. And that work–combined with my full time teaching job,

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A Quick Question?

Just checking here with all you awesome readers. I am getting ready to start a podcast, based on this blog, but I need a digital logo (in 1400×1400 pixels, but one that also looks good at 150×150). I need that

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My First Ever Interview!

Yes, I know, you are surprised to find out that I have not had many interviews. You probably think that someone as awesome as myself is probably in high demand for interviews and speaking engagements. After this interview hits the

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How To Survive Thanksgiving (And Other Feasts) And Still Enjoy Everything!

I LOVE the Thanksgiving Feast. I always have, and always will. It features all my favorite foods in one meal. It is one very large, very delicious, seemingly never ending meal. In the past, I would be busy all morning,

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The Big Feast Is Three Weeks Away!

Thanksgiving. (The US version, for any Canadian friends who are reading this.) My absolute, number one, most favorite meal of the year. (Okay, maybe it comes in second to any meal with my wife.) But I love cooking and eating

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