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My Secret Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

(Photo to be added later.)Poultry StuffingMakes 12 portions (approximately 4 ounces by weight, about 2/3 cup by volume) This looks like a scary long recipe, but it is really very simple. 18 slices Healthy Life bread (or any preferred bread.)2

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Basic Poultry Stuffing/Dressing

Basic Poultry StuffingServes: 12 18 slices bread, toasted and cubed (Healthy Life brand, Whole Wheat)2 tablespoon olive oilSeasoning as desired2 large onions, diced4 stalks celery, diced2 cloves garlic, crushed and minced2 teaspoon rubbed sage1/2 teaspoon black pepper8 strips of baconChicken

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