Wooo-Hooo!! I’m Cooking on TV Again!

If you are local to Green Bay, Wisconsin and are available in the morning this Sunday (February 16, 2014) I will be cooking on WLUK Fox11’s “Good Day, Wisconsin!”show. I will be featured in “Cooking With You” with anchor Emily Deem, and my segments will air at approximately 7:50 and 8:50am.

I posted my recipes here a few minutes ago (Crepes and Baked Eggs with Spinach and Feta Cheese.) Emily requested a couple light recipes because we all tend to eat a bit heavier in the depth of the Wisconsin winters. Both of these recipes are very versatile. Crepes can be breakfast, brunch or desserts, and can be sweet or savory. The egg can be used for breakfast, brunch or dinners, and you can replace the spinach and feta with other preferred options. I give basic recipes for both, and then some ideas for variations.

If you are not able to watch me live on Sunday morning, I will again post a link here on Monday so that you can go online and watch me.

We are going to have fun!

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