The “Ps” of  Long Term Success, Part 7

The “Ps” of Long Term Success, Part 7

Getting back to the previous topic:

You’ve PASSIONATE about your goal, are well-PLANNED and PREPARED. You ‘ve PROCEEDED and have demonstrated PERSISTENCE, and you PAY ATTENTION to yourself and your surroundings.

5.  Patience!!

It won’t happen overnight.

You didn’t gain all the extra weight overnight. It crept on slowly. Stealthily. Ninja-weight. (Sorry. I’m a guy, and sometimes I need to throw a ninja in here.) But my point is that you gained your weight, one bite at a time.

What makes you believe it will leave your body any faster? When people set their goal, it is common to say “I will lose X pounds, by Y date” and then they follow it with “… because I need to look great for Z.”

Writing a goal like that is a great way of shooting yourself in the foot. Our bodies don’t like to lose weight. Our bodies will fight back. Random gains after a few days of eating good, followed by a sudden loss the day after the office party. You might know how fast you should lose weight based on your calorie budget, but your body is illiterate. It can’t read the weight loss books. Your body’s fat cells (in nurse-speak, “adipose tissue”) are stubborn, irritable, and cantankerous. (Sounds like one of your relatives, right?) You need to force the weight loss attitude on them.

But still, your body will never shed weight as fast as you want. You will need to accept that fact. It will always take a little longer than you want. Just like most construction projects, they don’t finish on time, and are generally over-budget. Your weight loss journey will take you longer than you expect, and will be harder than you planned.

But you will succeed. The only way you won’t succeed is if you quit. Even if you show minimal or no losses for a few weeks (months even?) just remind yourself that staying the same weight is better than gaining. Stick with your plan. Keep your eyes focused on your goal, which should be a weight, or a set of inches, or a level of physical fitness and should not include a date.

I saw this turtle on my long hike in May, 2012

You CAN succeed. You WILL succeed. Eventually. To mix a few metaphors, the tortoise will win the race
as long as the little engine never gives up.

Questions for my readers (and the first will separate the men and women from the boys and girls):
What do I mean about the “little engine that never gives up?”
What keeps you going when the challenges pop up?

2 thoughts on “The “Ps” of Long Term Success, Part 7

  1. HAHAHA, Well Trevor, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can lose this last freaking 3 pound to my final goal!! And in response to this particular challenge, I am going strictly by my calorie plan and not eating back my calories. I have eliminated all of my treats that I have allowed myself all through this journey. Yes, sir, I am going hardcore!! I am not happy but I will do that for now.

    Usually if I encounter a challenge, becoming vigilant about recording my food will do the trick. I am a habitual exerciser, so it is not that activity part that causes me any issues. I believe that logging your food and having friends and/or family that will support you when you go through hard times are the keys to success. And you have to be ready!

    Because no one else can do it for you.

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