MYST 184: Log Your Food!

Accountability is one key to success. Do people know what you eat? Do they know how much you eat? When those details are hidden, it is easier to apply a veneer of misleading success to an otherwise successless journey.

I have decided to post more frequent shows, and for every show, I will have a screenshot of my previous meals. Do I expect you to do the same? No, of course not. But maybe if everyone were a little more transparent with their food three things would happen:

  1.  Success would happen faster because better choices would be made more often
  2.  The consequences of poor choices would be more obvious.
  3.  We wouldn’t be as alone as we are in this weight loss journey.

As promised:

My food log from Sept 4, 2018

Oh, why did I tell you to find these show notes at Tomorrow’s food log might look even more ugly. Yesterday was a bad day for Ozzy and we chose to put him to sleep this morning. That does not justify a binge….but right now, I don’t care what I eat, or how much I eat.

All photos are my personal photos, and cannot be used without permission.


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