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MYST 47 Trevitorial: Building Success, and Simple Diet Hacks

Success begets success.


Amy Robles
Amy Robles

Amy, like many people, had a large amount of debt. But with the guidance of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, she and her Navy husband were able to pay off $25,000 in just six months, using effective and proven techniques. Her blog, Woman Enriched, helps other people find ways to save money and increase their personal peace and happiness.  And on September 16, 2014, Amy will launch her next platform for change: her podcast, The Family Knot. Designed primarily to help other military families, it will give greater attention to the special challenges that are faced by the military members and the families who support them.

In last week’s MYST Trevitorial, Neil, one of the hosts of the Warp Ten podcast, asked about how to eat healthy while enduring off shifts at work. This week, Dave Westwood, creator and host of the New and Noteworthy podcast, expands that to ask how to eat healthy when driving on the job, or when trapped in your cubicle.

(Note: Dave interviewed me for his podcast, which was released as his fifth episode. If you want to hear my story, and Dave excellent interview style, you can hear it here. Also, after you listen to the New and Noteworthy show or the Family Knot, show the hosts some podcast-love and go to iTunes and leave a rating and review.)

I give some concrete advice and diet hacks to help anyone stay on track. If you are like Dave, Neil, myself, or any of the 60% people in the USA who are struggling with weight management, you need to listen to these ideas.

I also gave Dave–and all of you–and assignment. If you want to learn more simple and effective diet hacks, you need to read the book “Mindless Eating” by Brian Wansink, Ph.D. The book is very easy and fun to read. It explains why we eat the way we do, how our brains trick us into eating too much and how we can turn the tables (pun intended) on our brain and trick it into being satisfied with the correct amount of food.

He has two books. Total disclaimer: these links to Amazon are my affiliate links. When you go there and buy one or both of these books, I will receive a smalle commission, which will not increase your price, but it will help me keep this show running.

This is the book I read:    And now he also has this one:   


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