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MYST 46 Amy Robles: You Can Regain Financial Stability!

Amy Robles
Amy Robles

Amy, like many people in the US and elsewhere, had a large amount of financial debt. She learned how to dramatically reduce her debts and start to create financial freedom. From the lessons she learned, in just six months, she was able to pay off @$25,000 of her debt and she knows that her future is more secure. She can live happier knowing that she has regained control over that powerful part of her life.

Her blog was an offshoot of these lessons, and she started her blog to help solifiy the lessons that she learned. She now is teaching others similar tactics through her blog (Woman Enriched.)

Her upcoming interview-based podcast “The Family Knot” target military spouses, and helps them dealing with the challenges of military life. Families are busy. Military families can be overwhelmed, especially during a deployment. Amy has lived through that and believes her experiences will make other lives easier.

Amy learned her financial skills at Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University which can be found here.

Twitter @ItsAmyRobles

Amy wants everyone to read Zig Ziglar (as do I!)

But she also reads and listens to

As I mentioned, here is my recipe for Lasagna (Two Ways) and my Bourbon Pecan Pie.


Music composed and performed by Jason Shaw, courtesy of Audionautix.com

Voiceover courtesy of Matt Young. Matt is a professional voiceover artist. If you have any need of voiceover work, for your podcast, radio spot, or whatever, you can reach Matt by a variety of methods.

He is on LinkedIn. On Twitter. And Google+. And you can read his really nice, contemplative blog.

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