Do Something Good

Do Something Good

This is not weight-related, but it is health-related.

We are all gifted. And while we focus on ourselves and our life-changing journey, we need to consider how to use our gifts. Are you gifted with resources? Share those with a worthy organization. Do you have the ability to manage your own schedule? Share your time. Are you able to write thoughts in a way that people seem to enjoy reading? Share those thoughts that will help others (and I hope that is what I am doing.)

But there is something else that many people can share:  blood.

If you are able, go to the local blood bank or Red Cross, and become a blood donor. Or a platelet donor. Or a plasma donor.

Giving blood and the Green Bay Packers. Two great things!
Don’t do it because of the awesome snacks you will get or the comfortable chairs you get to sit/lay in. Do it because somewhere, probably somewhere close, is a person that is in desperate need of your donation. And this isn’t like throwing some change in the Salvation Army kettles during the holiday season. This is a gift that could literally save someone’s life. A real person, probably in your community. And your gift will help them today or tomorrow, not theoretically sometime in the future.

I donate platelets, about every two weeks. Platelets have a shelf life of five days and so hospitals only have a small stock on hand at any given time. It costs me nothing, except about two hours of my time. I get to leave with a bandage on each arm and the knowledge that I am doing something good.

Disclaimer: I have relatives that have used a lot of blood products, including platelets. I sort of feel obligated to provide the same help to others.

Note:  if you eat the snacks that are provided, make sure you log them. Donation of blood does not exempt you from logging food!  πŸ™‚