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MYST 191 Preplan

We plan our work days and work weeks months in advance. We keep our calendars with us at all times. In the “old days” we used paper day planners (remember the big “Franklin planners”?) Now all of our calendars are on every digital device we have.


It’s because we are busy! We have so many demands on our time that trying to remember everything is a guaranteed way to forget something–and it probably won’t be a minor “to do” list item. Our time is precious and limited. Our time budget is not infinite and once a minute is gone, it is gone for good Most of us know how we are going to spend almost every waking minute.

So why are we so flippant about our calorie budget? We log our food. (Sometimes.) We measure our food. (Sometimes.) We weigh ourselves and take action based on the scale. (Sometimes.)

I think it is because weight loss is something that can be started over. And over. (How many times have you started over?)

So start making decisions earlier! Preplan your meals, just as you preplan your work week. And have a decision on how you will handle the unexpected situation, such as the totally-expected “Hey, it’s my birthday so have some donuts!”

And at home, take pre-emptive strikes. Purge all tempting food and then don’t bring it back in. If it isn’t in the house, it’s harder to “accidentally” eat it.

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Transparency. This is what I ate.

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