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My Favorite Tools!

Here is a one-stop-shop for tools, websites, devices and places that will help you achieve any goal! I may have affiliate marketing arrangements with some of these products and sites. That will not affect your costs, but it will give me a small commission, helping me maintain this site and podcast. Anything that I list here is a product or service that I already use and would recommend to any friend. I will never recommend a product that I feel does not help you make progress toward your goals.


I swear by Lose It! It is the first time I was able to lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off! Get Lose It! Premium because it works.Get Lose It!


I really recommend that you use an activity tracker to give you an accurate measurement of your daily activity.  You’re just steps away from better fitness.  Try Fitbit now.Fitbit One


IF YOU HAVE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT STARTING YOUR OWN PODCAST:  This is how I discovered that I have the skills necessary to create a podcast! Here is a free Podcast Starter Kit

This website it hosted by In Motion Hosting.  I have never used any other company, so I cannot provide a direct comparison, but I can give a testimonial for the speed and efficiency of their support team. I am just barely competent with websites and am skilled at finding new ways to cause problems. When I contacted them, I never was made to feel like I was ignorant, or bothering them. Their support staff makes In Motion Hosting my preferred choice.

Here is another independent review of InMotion Hosting.


Music for your podcast (or any other project) is courtesy of Jason Shaw. He composed and performs everything on his site. If you needs background music, and are on a budget, check him out. (He provides his music for free as long as you give credit. A Paypal donation button is available.)


ShareaSale.com is how I set up several of these links. Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. It is easy to get started. (If I can do it, anyone can!)