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MYST 141: Breakfasts Are the Most Important Meal? No.

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? It jump-starts our metabolism and is the key to weight loss success!

Well, not so much, really.


Research Studies:

Belief beyond the evidence: using the proposed effect of breakfast on obesity to show 2 practices that distort scientific evidence.

The effectiveness of breakfast recommendations on weight loss: a randomized controlled trial

High caloric intake at breakfast vs. dinner differentially influences weight loss of overweight and obese women

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1 thought on “MYST 141: Breakfasts Are the Most Important Meal? No.

  1. For me I did not start feeling good and have the energy to do what I needed to do with out eating breakfast. I grew up eating breakfast. but as I got older and went out on my own I did not eat breakfast and to be honest that is the time of my life that I gained my weight. But after started dating, and married my second wife, who believes that you can not have a day with out breakfast, well I started eating breakfast every morning and I started to lose a little bite of weight. I have to have a good breakfast now. Now to be honest I do not always or even most of the time I do not eat lunch but I do eat lots of fruits, nuts, and veggies as snacks. And dinner is also a very important meal for me, but also not snacking after dinner is also important to me.

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