A Quick Question?

Just checking here with all you awesome readers.
I am getting ready to start a podcast, based on this blog, but I need a digital logo (in 1400×1400 pixels, but one that also looks good at 150×150). I need that to submit my podcast to iTunes. The podcast is going to be killer-awesome (hey! I can dream!) but it needs the right image to capture people’s attention. I don’t have those skills.
Here is my deal:
I would like to swap services. You create a striking logo for me, and I will promote you on the podcast and associated blogs (both here on Blogger and on the dedicated domain) for up to 2 months. I will promote you as a sponsor of the podcast, with a 15 second pre-roll at the start of the show, and a 60 second mid-roll at about the 2/3 mark. I will close the show with one additional 10 second reminder of your outstanding services.
In addition to my blog readers, I have a large audience of followers on LoseIt, and am in a large group of world-wide podcasters and podcasters-to-be, many of whom are at the same point as I am.
Who can help? Send me a message and we can discuss details.

If you don’t create digital art, but know someone who does, please forward this to their attention. Thank you! Shoot me an email if you can help!

2 thoughts on “A Quick Question?

  1. I am not a graphic designer but rather a podcaster. I know from experience that you have to avoid an image that is two crowded. On mp3 players or smartphones, your artwork will be unreadable. Keep it simple! Two or 3 lines of text, one image and a compelling background.

  2. Thank you, Lode! That is exactly the type of information I need. I am a novice in these areas and rely on the help of others for many things. I have strengths in other areas (food, beer, nursing) but I am merely a learner in online topics! Thanks!

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