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Transition Time is Challenging!


I am 4 weeks from launching my first podcast. My podcast will be focused on goal achievement–revolving around my weight loss success, but expanding to any goal and success story. And that work–combined with my full time teaching job, and being a husband/father/son–is keeping me from blogging a lot. But my inactivity here is not a sign of total absence.

I’ve had this blog for over two years, and listened to podcasts for even longer. Starting the bog was simple. But why start a podcast? That seems so challenging. The reason “why” is the exact reason I listen to podcasts instead of reading blogs: time! I can listen to a podcast while doing something else. And when I realized that, I knew that I needed to transition to a podcast. But how?

I was absolutely stumped, until I found the right teacher. Meron Bareket of the Inspiring Innovation podcast invited me to be one of his beta-testers for his podcast-developing bootcamp. He created a course with detailed and simple (I needed simple!) instructions, video tutorials and comprehensive check lists. With his help, I am excited to be so close to launching my own.

Have you ever thought about creating your own podcast? Here is a link to the bootcamp that I tested (and successfully tested, I might add!)

Oh, did I mention: his entire bootcamp is free?

If you are even just curious about what it would take (and it doesn’t take much!) go to the bootcamp page and take a look. The “take a look” costs nothing–but the entire bootcamp also costs nothing, so what do you have to lose?

Please note: this blog is NOT going away. Never. But it will evolve to become a part of a larger platform. I will blog and podcast and both will help each other be even more relevant and helpful.

Do me a favor: After you go to the bootcamp site and take a look (or even sign up?) post a note here in the comments. I’m curious: what are your thoughts about his bootcamp? Are you going to give it a try? Let me know here.