MYST 165 Lose Weight Fast

Everyone wants to lose weight fast! People join competitions at work to see who loses the most in the shortest period of time. There are websites where people can bet money that they can success while others fail.

Guess what?

None of that matters. I don’t care how fast I lose. I don’t care how fast you lose. And until I reach my goal weight, I don’t care how much I lose each week. The only thing that matters is that I continue to lose.

You don’t need to eat special (okay, the first photo isn’t “special” it’s just strange” food to lose weight. You don’t need smoothies, or powders, or apple cider vinegar or fat-melting detoxes.

You just need to eat correctly. Today. And tomorrow. And every day after that.

Photos via Pixabay by primalfuture (Cricket Powder) and creativet (Smoothies)


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Voiceover courtesy of Matt Young. Matt is a professional voiceover artist. If you have any need of voice-over work, for your podcast, radio spot, or whatever, you can reach Matt by a variety of methods. He is on LinkedIn. On Twitter. And Google+. Follow his Facebook page to learn how to better use social media. Matt was also my guest on MYST 54. Give his story a listen!

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