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Restaurants Are Our Friends!

Sometimes, you just need to eat out. I know in the past I have focused on only cooking for myself, but it is difficult to completely avoid eating out. There are foods that I just don’t make. Like chicken wings.

I LOVE chicken wings. Deep Fried. Naked (unbreaded). With Inferno sauce on the side. Yesterday, I needed chicken wings. So, I went to my neighborhood pub, ordered my wings, and a beer.  And enjoyed every morsel. And only one beer (New Belgium’s Snowy Day Winter Ale.)

How can that be a healthy meal, for a guy who is worried about not being able to maintain my current weight? Because I planned for the meal. It fit into my budget. I ordered the wings naked and unsauced. That let me control some of the calories, and a lot of the sodium. And the spicy Inferno Sauce blended well with the hoppy and bold beer.  It was a great meal.

That’s how I plan to maintain my current weight and move into the rest of my life. I will make considered choices. I will still log my foods on LoseIt, and I will still try to eat only those food choices that are “10s” on the deliciousness scale. I will still be on a calories budget, and won’t waste my budget on low-quality foods. You shouldn’t either.

On a totally unrelated note, tomorrow I am teaching a class at my college, Introduction to Homebrewing. We have only six students, but it will be a fun morning as we learn how to take simple ingredients and turn them into beer. This beer will be served at a local brewfest on February 18. If you are interested and able to go, I will be pouring the four beers made by this class (an American Imperial Pale Ale, an Irish Stout, a German Hefeweizen, and a Scottish Ale.) I hope to see you there!