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MYST 42 Brad Stillmank: How to Turn YOUR Hobby Into a Business!

Brad and Brewery

Brad Stillmank had a hobby. He loved beer, and loved brewing it. He started by making 5 gallons as a time. He wanted to get better, and started pestering local professional brewers. Over time, he learned every aspect of the business and now has the largest brewing system in Green Bay. He makes award-winning Wisco Disco, his flagship beer. Here is stands in front of the new Stillmank brewery, a 30 barrel system. He went from 5 gallons at a time to 930 gallons.

He took his hobby, his passion, and slowle, meticulously, turned it into a profitable business, with the help of his wife, Erin, as well as family and friends.

Erin and Brad, edited

Even if you are not making beer, you can do what Brad did.

Wisco Disco WinsStillmank Signature glass and Wisco (1)

Stillmank Brewing Company’s website.

Charlie Papazian’s Complete Joy of Homebrewing is a classic book for anyone who wants to learn how to brew their own beer.

Brad’s beer of choice, if he can’t have his own.

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