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MYST 28 Kelly Bucheger: Quirky, Persistent, and a Gnocchi Expert

The old joke goes:

A teenager gets off the train in New York City, and as he leaves the station carrying his violin, he spots a police officer. Walking up to him, he asks, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”

Without missing a beat, the officers says, “Practice, son, practice!”

Kelly Bucheger doesn’t live in New York City, but rather Buffalo, NY and he shows why success happens when you find your calling in ife and then never let anything become an obstacle in your path. He is a jazz saxaphonist and he shares how he found success in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, then left and moved to Buffalo where he knew no one, and rebuilt a successful career in performance and composing.

A few resources Kelly talked about:

James Carter Ruined My Life. is a 2011 post on his blog Harder Bop.

An interview with Kelly in Buffalo Sounds, from may 7, 2013.

Kelly posted this performance of “Say It Isn’t So” by his group What Would Mingus Do, from 2009.

Today’s intro music is courtesy of Kelly Bucheger, from his album “House of Relics” and is the title cut. You can find your own copy at Amazon, below.

His favorite books:

Jazz biographies such as:

“Mingus: A Critical Biography” by Brian Priestly