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MYST 147: BMI is accurate (mostly)

BMI is inaccurate, but so is every other type of measurement. However, for most people, it is a valid method of determining their weight status. Are you one of the “most people”? Probably.  And if you are, then your number is valid, whether you like it or not.

Are you walking your tracks alone or with support?
Are you walking your tracks alone or with support?

Here is a link to Episode 102 about how Anxiety can derail your weight loss efforts.

This was the source for my BMI information. Do you want to calculate your own BMI? Here is a good calculator.

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3 thoughts on “MYST 147: BMI is accurate (mostly)

  1. Trevor I believe that is a better way to do it. it is called the new BMI it is a calculation that sees us the people in 3D and not 2D like the BMI calculation does. If you are shorter, I believe it is below 5feet 6 inches then the normal BMI chart would be wrong about your weight but if you are taller it is also wrong by saying that you are overweight when you are not, but if you are shorter then you are overweight when the normal BMI says you are normal. Now me being almost 70 I find it hard when doctors still try to make me be in line with the BMI. Sure I would love to be normal weight and I am always trying. But I also believe as long as we eat correctly and exercise our bodies will come to a happy weight that is also healthy for the individual.
    Like you have always said we are all different and we should never try to be like others. I believe in that so much.

  2. Enjoyed the BMI podcast, and I think you nailed it in terms of why folks may not consider it accurate. My weight is very slowly coming off and my doctor gives me mini-goals at each checkup, rather than a huge one that seems impossible. I have a feeling her last recommendation, although unspoken, was based on my BMI, and truly I concur with her.
    Thanks again for all you do Trevor! Keep it up, you are so motivational!

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