MYST 176: What’s Your DISC?

Which leadership and communication style is your strength? Are you a D? Or are you an S? Why does it matter in weight loss?

D= Director (dominating, opinionated, decision-maker, sometimes acts quickly without having all the data)

I = Influencer (cheerleader, social, is a great team-builder)

S = Steadfast (steady, prefers to have no changes, follows detailed directions)

C = Calculator (critical, precise, likes graphs, charts, and specific rules, tends to plan extensively)

Which if these skills are one of your strengths?

You can take a free DISC Test here.

Most people think “I know who I am, and how I communicate” but it’s also common that we don’t realize how other people see and hear us. Personally, I communicate directly, clearly and I don’t sugar-coat anything. I think that’s simple, plain and easy to understand.

But depending on who I’m dealing with, it can seem arrogant, bossy, and demanding.

The same message can have more than one feeling.

So, how does that affect weight loss? Depending on your style, you may or may not have more success with different diet plans.

D people (like me) and C people are able to self-power through weight loss. “C” people find graphs, charts and very detailed and specific diet plans to work best. “D” people set personal goals and use inner-focus to drive forward, but may frequently change plans if success is not found. D and C people are focused on the task of weight loss.

I and C people are social people. “I” people are the cheerleaders of weight loss and find the best success when helping others find success. “S” people work best in group settings, and find comfort in following established guidelines, especially if the guidelines (rules) do not change often. I and S people focus on the society of weight loss. 

I hope you take that exam I included in the link above. When you know your style, maybe it will influence your choice of weight loss methods. For example:

D: Be your own leader. Set goals and then focus completely on those goals. Become a coach to someone else, but not the cheerleader. This is best in a 1 on 1 setting. Hold your student accountable, but give him/her suggestions for improvement. (When D’s do this, they tend to follow their own advice.)

I: Lead a group, such as Weight Watchers or TOPS so that you can encourage and inspire a group, and use the group’s energy to motivate yourself. Or post inspirational messages on an online group.

S: Join that Weight Watcher or TOPS group. Or get active in an online group so that you can work with others who share your challenges. Find a method of weight loss that has concrete and objective rules, such as WW, Nutrisystem or any “named” diet.

C:  Set your goals, but in a series of intermediate goals. Create a graph or spreadsheet tracking your progress. Find a strict and clearly defined weight loss plan (Keto, Paleo, or Intermittent Fasting) so that you know exactly what to do each meal.

There is no one “right” type. We all have a dominant style with other styles also present, but to a lesser degree. Maybe you are a D/C or a C/S. (The only combos that do not happen are D/S and C/I). And we all are able to use D, I, S, or C when needed. It’s just that we all have communication types that are easiest.

When we know ourselves–and how other people see us–we can sometimes use our strengths to help ourselves and others.

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