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MYST 49 Trevitorial: “It’s My Fault!” and “Why Won’t These Last 10 Pounds Won’t Leave?”

Tony Sherman’s son said the quote that opened this Trevitorial, and it is important: “It’s my fault, because if it’s my fault, I own it and it gives me the power to change it. If it’s their fault, I have to wait for them to do something. I always make it my fault.” That is a powerful concept which will define your internal strength and demonstrate your personal honor and self-confidence.


We didn’t have a Speakpipe message this week, but I did receive this email message. (I removed identifying names and labels for privacy.) Her email is this:

Coach T: “Why are those last 10-15 lbs the hardest to lose?” My weight is on the higher range of “normal” but I’d like to be in the center of “normal” and I’ve tried everything from low carb diets to food combining approaches. Nothing seems to work. My age is also 51 and I’m perimenopausal. Any ideas for me? Beth from Green Bay.

My eight (yes, eight!) tips are detailed in the show, but can be summarized:

  1. Slow down–try to lose slower
  2. Eat the right amount of food
  3. Move more
  4. Remove one commonly eaten food from your diet for 28 days
  5. Stop eating in restaurants/cook at home
  6. Limit your sodium to 1500mg a day
  7. Stop eating lowfat/no fat foods
  8. Start building muscle with moderate weight training

We Introduce A New Feature!  This week’s Recipe:

Grown Up S'Mores!
Grown Up S’Mores!

Grown Up S’Mores

Weight Loss Tools and Tips in This Episode:

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There are many activity trackers and heart rate monitors that are on  the market. They all have their separate advantages and disadvantages. I really recommend that you use something to give you an accurate measurement of your daily activity.  You’re just steps away from better fitness.  Try Fitbit now.Fitbit One

My recipe blog is here and had 150+ recipes, with detailed step by step instructions and pictures that I took in my kitchen. In doing that blog, I discovered that food photographers are incredible artists.

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