Just A Short Note Today


I added a brief, two question poll. It follows my “About Me” story. This is the first of several polls I will have here, to help me refine my immediate plans.

So I need your input! The poll is open until 11:59pm Tuesday evening (Central Time.)

Help me provide you with what you really want!

4 thoughts on “Just A Short Note Today

  1. Reasoning behind my vote for the ebook: 1) i love your food pictures: they make me want to try the recipes! 2) if you can clear this project off your plate, you can aim to compile another ebook sometime down the road, with more recipes! Maybe invite recipe submissions! (but you’d have to make them still!!), and 3) clearing this project off your plate, and sending it out in the world, will give you great satisfaction, and free up your time for more projects! πŸ™‚

  2. My question: What benefits does the first option provide beyond what this blog already provides? It strikes me that the mire substantive book–published electronically or not–has the chance to achieve more than the blog or the quicker ebook, and could draw on the inspirational content that has mattered to so many on loseit.com.

    So, if the quicker and easier project offers good benefits over this blog, then “go for it!”. But in that case please consider also doing the larger book project….


  3. To answer Andrew:

    I guess I wasn’t completely clear in my poll questions. The first option will still be in the 100+ page range with 50K words, so it will be “smaller” only in comparison. The traditional book would be in the 300-400 page range. Color photography would be very limited in that format, just because of the cost. As much as I want my books out there, I want people to be able to buy them. Too many full color phots would put the price into the $50+ price range.

    The ebook format would allow for unlimited photos. And this is not going to be a one-shot deal. All my words and thoughts will eventually be in the book, but it might be spread over a few books. One book might be strictly weight loss, another might be time management (for example.) And this format would be much less expensive (<$10).

    Ideally, I would sell enough e-books to fund the pubication of a traditional book, but that would be a ways off.

    Thanks for your input.

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