“The Past is the Past … “

“The past is the past. It is what made us who we are. Now we move forward from there.”

Sometimes I find inspiration from the oddest of places. That quote was from an episode of Burn Notice, Season 5.  And while in the show, the quote refers to how people change while growing up with an abusive father, it applies to all aspects of our personal history.
We are what we are, because of what we have done in the past. Now the only question is “What are we going to do to help control our future?”

If you are overweight, what are you going to do to change that? If you are not physically fit, what will change that? And a fundamental question to both is, “What costs are you willing to accept?” Losing weight will require a change in your food consumption. You will need to eat less, measure and weigh your food and record everything to eat. The recording piece is vital because it signifies that you accept responsibility for your actions, and that you understand the cause-and-effect nature of weight loss and weight gain. Are you willing to be dedicated to yourself? 

You might receive negative comments about your attempt. Friends and relatives may try to sabotage your efforts, consciously or not. People may get angry at you, for attempting to make personal improvements. Are you willing to accept those risks?

Are you ready to embark on a lifelong journey? This will not be a short process. In fact, personal acceptance and self-control will need to be part of your life, for the rest of your life.

If you want increased physical fitness, you will need to change your daily actions. You will need to move more. Walk. Run. Bike. Swim. Maybe you will join a gym, maybe you will buy an exercise DVD. But the cost is that you need to change your daily habits. It may require that you get up a half hour or hour earlier in the morning. Are you willing to do that?

You may feel self-conscious at first, when entering the gym or jogging on the road. People may look at you. Or people may ignore you. Are you willing to put your efforts on public display?

Physical fitness is not a “one time event.” You can’t start a new exercise plan, and after a few weeks or months, simply stop because “you are done.” Physical fitness is for life. Can you commit to that?

I know. You already knew all this. But if you are anything like I am, you sometimes need reminders.