MYST 63 Trevitorial: Hire Me!

How many times have you been interviewed for a job, but did not receive a job offer? If your answer is “zero” then this episode is not for you.

If the answer is “one (or more)” then this episode is for you!

5 2009, February, At Clinical
Me, about a month after starting my current teaching position. Look at how excited I am!

I’ve had many jobs. I’ve had many more interviews than I’ve had jobs. Sometimes I was successful. Others…not so much. So what makes me an expert? I’m not. But I have some ideas. When you listen to the show, you will hear all the details, but I will give you the abbreviated version right here.

  1. Make sure you are the right person for the job. But more than that, make sure you are the right person for the company, organization or unit. Personalities matter!
  2. The little things in an interview (showing up on time, dressing appropriately, good handshake and eye contact) are actually not little at all.
  3. Cover letters and resumes will get you an interview–or immediately eliminate you from contention for the position.
  4. Passion! Bring passion to the interview!

A question for you?

What was your biggest mistake at an interview? Share your stories with everyone!


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