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MYST 54 Matt Young: How to Speak in Front of Large Audiences

Matt Young, Radioman, Voiceover Artist and Podcaster
Matt Young, Radioman, Voiceover Artist and Podcaster

Matt is a professional voiceover artist. If you have any need of voiceover work, for your podcast, radio spot, or whatever, you can reach Matt by a variety of methods. He is on LinkedIn. On Twitter. And Google+. You can also read his really nice, contemplative blog.

One of Matt’s early jobs was working for Pizza Express a chain go restaurants across the UK, as well as across Europe, Hong Kong, India and the Middle East. That is where he developed his love of pizza and Peroni beer.

Matt enjoys autobiographies, most recently that of Lee Evans’ “Life of Lee”:

Matt tells us that Lee Evans was in 1998’s “There Something About Mary” but personally, I found his role in the black comedy “Mousehunt” (1997, with Nathan Lane) to be brilliant!


Music composed and performed by Jason Shaw, courtesy of Audionautix.com

Voiceover courtesy of Matt Young.

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