MYST 32 Kimianzi Constable: How to Lose 160 Pounds and Sell 80K Books!

Kimanzi Constable. What a place to live!
Kimanzi Constable. What a place to live!

Kimanzi Consstable is a former bread delivery man, who authored several books as was able to quit the midnight deliverys and become his calling: an author and motivational speaker who no longer lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but rather one of Earth’s paradises.

Kimanzi’s website. On it, you will find more information on her services. Check it out!

You can also read his first article published by The Huffington Post, entitled “4 Ways to Live a Happier Life”.

Kimanzi’s Maui Conference in December, the “Work Hard, Play Hard Summit”. Are you ready to invest in your future, starting right now? Go to that site and see what the possibilities may bring!

Special thanks for this show goes out to Joel Boggess of the ReLaunch podcast. I was introduced to Kimanzi after Joel interviewed me for the The ReLaunch Show. Kimanzi was also a guest on The ReLaunch show. Listen to episode #55 (How He Doubled His Income: Kimanzi Constable)! (After listening to The ReLaunch Show, give them some great feedback on iTunes, okay? That is one of the most important acts you can do for a podcaster.)

Kimanzi’s books are all avaiable on Amazon.

Kimanzi also recommends “48 days to the Work You Love”, by Dan Miller.

Also mentioned on the show was John Lee Dumas and his podcast, Entrepreneur On Fire. (John’s interview will be released on August 4th!)

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