MYST 17 Booster: Ask For Help!


You cannot do it alone. No one has all the skills, time and resources to do everything without help. But asking for help can be one of the hardest acts to take. Take responsibility for your own consequences and grow by learning to ask for help.

Berni Xiong’s show, The Shut Up Show

Berni’s book can be pre-ordered at (released to the Kindle store on June 26, 2014.) BUT—ths is great news–if you go there RIGHT NOW, you can get a free copy (until June 11, 2014). Don’t wait!  Get a FREE book!

Meron Bareket’s Inspiring Innovation podcast and his Inspiring Innovation Podcast Bootcamp (if you ever thought about starting your own podcast, this is the best place to start!) How To Build An Engaged Audience (Weekly Live Webinar)

Ralph Quintero and his website!

2 thoughts on “MYST 17 Booster: Ask For Help!

  1. Thanks again Trevor!! Who knew at our age, we would still need motivation!! God knows I do!!!

    • Patti,

      Thanks for responding! I appreciate that you took the time to write. And you are right–we all need motivation, at any age. But what do you mean “at our age”? I’m only 29. And didn’t we graduate together??? 🙂

      Can you do me a great favor? Go to iTunes and leave me a rating and review? I am glad that you are listening!

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