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MYST 12: Whitney Klinkner: Lose It, Boston and No Fish for You!

Whitney Klinkner
Whitney Klinkner

Whitney Klinkner is the Community Manager for Lose it! When you contact the company, the chances are great taht she will be the person who helps you.

She grew up in Michigan and upon graduating from college, moved to Boston with her friend Brandon. They both found work for Lose It! and that is where they started to affect millions of people.

Discover more of her story, how she deals with a tragedy, and how her office is in the worst possible location.

Whitney and Brandon
Whitney and Brandon

The show notes for every episode will include links to products, people and services that were mentioned in the episode.  A notice of total disclosure, I may have affliations with some of those products and services that are linked here. That means that when you click on a link and purchase that product, I will receive a small commission on that sale. It will not increase your cost at all, but it will help financially support me as I continue to bring assistance to you and anyone who wants to achieve their goals.

I swear by Lose It! It is the first time I was able to lose weight, and more importantly, keep it off! It is easy to use, works on iOS and Android (not Windows Phones, sorry) and has an online platform, too. It combines the ease and simplicity of calorie counting with the social networking of Facebook. Many users report that they are on their LoseIt activity streams more often than they are on Facebook. There is a free version (which really works!) and a premium version, The premium version allows trackign food in the future (for better planning), setting non-weight-based goals (body fat, measurements, nutrients, blood pressures and many more). When you have premium, you can also create your own community groups and challenges. One of the nicest features of premium is that it allows you to synch your Lose It! account with other devices and applications. Get Lose It! Premium because it works.

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