I Love This Time of Year

I Love This Time of Year

I don’t have a large garden, mostly because I really dislike weeding gardens (a holdover from my childhood summers.) But I use several “upside down” systems to grow tomatoes and peppers, as well as a small container garden for herbs. Right now it is June 19 and already I have peppers and tomatoes forming on the plants.

The yellow-ish peppers are Sweet Hungarian peppers and the others are jalapenos.
These are some Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes. In the background you can see another planter with Lemon Drop tomatoes. I prefer growing cherry tomatoes because they work so well in salads.
I also grow a few herbs. In the foreground is the simple but important curled parsley, with chives, basil and rosemary completing the set. In another pot, started later than these, I have more parsley, garlic chives and a single Thai hot chile plant. We will see how those turn out.
It’s not a big garden but it is nice to harvest some of my own veggies. When the rosemary gets larger, I used branches of it on my grill. I lay the branches on the hot grates and place the meat, usually a pork roast of some sort, on the branches. It flavors the meat nicely and prevents the meat from sticking to the hot grates. Of course, the rosemary leaves stick to the meat instead but that makes eating a multi-sensory as you pick them off the food.

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  1. LOVE having a garden and I am RIGHT with you on the weeding. I hate doing it in the veggie garden- because of childhood imagined traumas! 🙂 That is absolutely the DH’s territory, though I do participate when the mood strikes me. I do manage to prepare and serve it though!

    This is a great year for gardening!

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