I Love My Grill!

I Love My Grill!

Winter grilling is a blast!

I have a nice LP grill that I modified so that is connects to the natural gas line installed on our patio. That means that even in the coldest weather, when LP doesn’t burn as hot, I can walk out my patio door and have a hot grill. 

I have owned LP grills and charcoal grills. I prefer both, depending on what I am making. Right now, I have my NG grill (above) and a charcoal grill/smoker.  If I am making burgers, steaks or salmon, I use the NG grill. If I am making my pulled pork, beer can chickens, or a whole turkey, then I use the charcoal grill (and usually add apple wood chips for smoke and flavor.) My grills are my tools for the creation of delicious foods.

You need the right tools for success. The tools for weight management are more than scales and measuring cups (which are critically important) but you can consider your plan to be a tool. Maybe you are eating paleo or primal. Maybe you are vegetarian. Those are the tools you have chosen to use to reach your goal. Exercise is another tool that should be in your plan.

But don’t be welded to a single tool. Just as I have two different grills, used for different foods, you might need different tools as you make progress on your weight management path.  Add or remove food groups as you work toward your goal. Try different exercise forms. Take up swimming. Register for a race (like I did.) Buy a bike or roller blades. (I won’t buy roller blades. I tried my son’s one afternoon. I have never experienced that level of fear and loss of control. And the neighbors have never laughed so hard!)

A remember, weight management is a lifelong activity. You will not be able to reach a weight goal and then simply quit. You will need to find new foods and new activities continually for the rest of your life. (And that’s a good thing!)

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  1. In the past (and maybe even today), grilling has been heavily associated with burgers, steaks, and other meat products. Today, many are focusing on other food products such as vegetable and fish, which is very good news for health enthusiasts. And also, gas grills – like what you’ve shown us – made grilling an easier task than before.

    Dione Drabble

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