Have You Listened Yet?

My podcast is now available on iTunes and Stitcher

Have you listened to it yet? If not, please go out to one of those sites (iTunes if you use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod) and Stitcher (if you use an Android phone), subscribe and listen.

I want to grow my audience, but the only way that will happen is if more people can easily find it. And that only happens if I can make–and maintain–an appearance in iTunes New & Noteworthy. New & Noteworthy is only possible for the first eight weeks of a podcast’s life. Just 56 days. And Make Your Someday Today is already 10 days old.

Podcasts are measured by the number of subscriptions, ratings and reviews. Can you be my superhero and save the day for me? 

After you help me by subscribing, rating and reviewing, drop me a line on Twitter and tell me, okay? @TrevorLaRene